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Humanities Vision


At Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School, we believe in a creative curriculum which captures pupils' interests and imagination and heightens their curiosity.


History challenges children to extend their knowledge and enables them to develop their skills as historians in four key areas – investigating and interpreting the past, building an overview of world history, understanding chronology and communicating historically.

As a school, we believe that high-quality history lessons encourage skills of critical thinking, weighing evidence, sifting arguments, and allow pupils to develop perspective and judgement. Pupils experience a rich and relevant curriculum and, wherever possible, links are made between subjects with overarching themes to contextualise and motivate learners.


Geography enables children to investigate our world to develop skills in 3 key areas –investigating places, investigating patterns and communicating geographically.

In doing so, they develop a better understanding of their own place and space on our planet, as well as finding out about other places in the world. The skills that we develop enable children to understand and interpret information presented in a variety of formats including maps, graphs, diagrams and images. We aim to teach an exciting Geography curriculum with as many cross curricular links and outdoor learning opportunities as possible to deepen the children’s understanding of places, environments and human interactions with these.