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Excellent attendance is extremely important in our school. We want children to enjoy coming to school and make the most of the opportunities presented to them here. Our target for attendance is at least 97%. This will mean everyclass aiming to reach this expectation. We monitor attendance each week and children receive rewards throughout the year and at our annual attendance awards for outstanding attendance.



It is essential that you conatct the school your child is going to be absent from school.You can use the leave a message on the school answer machine, text on 0778608446 or use the school App, If we do not hear from you by 9:30 am we will call you to clarify why your child is not in school. If we are unable to contact you, we will begin to call the contact list you have provided in order to gain an explaination for the absence.


Persistent Absences

If your child's attendance i sbelow 90% this is classed as persistent absenteesim and is a major concern to the school and the Local Authority. If your child has an attendance of only 90% this can mean the following:


  • they will miss the equivalent of 4 whole weeks of sessions in a school year.
  • they would be absent for the equivalent of one half day a week.


If your child's attendanc efalls below 90% you will receive a letter in order to highlight our concerns and offer any support that we can. You may also be invited into school to discuss the matter further. We may require medical notes and evidence of appointments if the attendance shows little improvement and a referral to the Education Welfare Officer may be made.In some cases you may be asked by the Local Authority to attend a panel where penality notices may be issued.


Term Time Holidays

The Department for Eduaction has made it very clear that schools should not authorise holidays in term time unless they are very exceptional circumstances. We are often provided with reasons such as work commitments and special family occassions such as birthdays and weddings or 'surprise' holidays booked by family members which cannot be accepted.  You may receive a penality notice if you take aholiday in term time and if this is part of any further concerns about your child's attendance additional action may also be taken.