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Welcome to our School Council Page


Here you will find out what we have been up to this year while we have been representing your school. The School Council are dedicated to ensuring that the pupils of OLSS are happy, healthy and safe....


School Councillors

Our new School Councillors have been elected.
They are...

Year 2 : Chloe, Joseph, Penny & Ethan
Year 3 : Sophia & Cerys
Year 4: Ava-Mai & Harvey
Year 5: Angel & Kadie-Leigh
Year 6: Ruby, Shaun, Alicia & Olivia


Congratulations to everyone voted in

and well done to all the children who prepared and shared their speeches with their class!


 Here are some ideas about what makes a good School Councillor...


  •    A good school councillor represents the views of all pupils and does their best to get things done.
  •    Shows respect for other members and everyone in school
  •    Is responsible and wants to help.
  •    Is approachable.
  •    Is a good listener.
  •    Is fair and honest.
  •    Follows class and school rules.
  •    Has good ideas and thoughts!!


Remember, your School Councillors are here to support YOU! There will be suggestion boxes coming to your classrooms very soon so our new Councillors can get YOUR ideas!! Get thinking..!!