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Our Lady, Star of the Sea

Catholic Primary School

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A Brief Outline


Daily Read Write Inc Phonics sessions and Get Writing sessions

Jack and The Beanstalk




Performance Poetry - On the Ning Nang Nong



Big Maths

Daily lessons which involve counting, estimating and calculations.


Core Maths

Autumn Term 1

Number and Place Value 

Measurement - length and mass

Addition and subtraction

Geometry - 2D and 3D shapes


Autumn Term 2

Sequencing and sorting


Fractions, Capacity and Volume





Modelling and simulations - Children will be able to use a variety of tools to complete an online picture.

Digital communication and the web



Animals including Humans

  • Draw and label parts of their body.
  • Describe activities that use each of the five senses.
  • Sort animals into simple groups, including groups based on animal diets.
  • Describe animal bodies using relevant vocabulary.
  • Understand the difference between carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.
  • Identify and classify animals by suggesting groups that they belong to.


Seasonal Changes

(Throughout the Year)

  • Name the four seasons
  • Name an event or occasion which happens in each season.
  • Name different types of weather and make observations.
  • Make more detailed comparisons about changes across the seasons.
  • Collect and record simple data.


Physical Education

Top Games - Rolling

Gymnastics - Making shapes



Creative Themes

Would the Beatles have won the X-Factor?



  • Study significant events in Britain’s/ Liverpool's past
  • Study significant events around the rest of the world


We will explore some of the big events from the 1960's and how music shaped Liverpool.



Jigsaw (PSHE)

Being me in my world



Hey You! - Pulse, Rhythm and Pitch

(Performing, composing, appraising)