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A Brief Outline


Daily Read Write Inc Phonics sessions and Get Writing sessions

Traditional Tales

The Enormous Crocodile

Performance Poetry - On the Ning Nang Nong



Big Maths

Daily lessons which involve counting, estimating and calculations.


Core Maths

Autumn Term 1

Number and Place Value 

Measurement - length and mass

Addition and subtraction

Geometry - 2D and 3D shapes


Autumn Term 2

Sequencing and sorting


Fractions, Capacity and Volume





Modelling and simulations - Children will be able to use a variety of tools to complete an online picture.

Digital communication and the web



Animals including Humans

  • Draw and label parts of their body.
  • Describe activities that use each of the five senses.
  • Sort animals into simple groups, including groups based on animal diets.
  • Describe animal bodies using relevant vocabulary.
  • Understand the difference between carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.
  • Identify and classify animals by suggesting groups that they belong to.


Seasonal Changes

(Throughout the Year)

  • Name the four seasons
  • Name an event or occasion which happens in each season.
  • Name different types of weather and make observations.
  • Make more detailed comparisons about changes across the seasons.
  • Collect and record simple data.


Physical Education

Top Games - Rolling

Gymnastics - Making shapes



Creative Themes

Would the Beatles have won the X-Factor?



  • Study significant events in Britain’s/ Liverpool's past
  • Study significant events around the rest of the world


We will explore some of the big events from the 1960's and how music shaped Liverpool.




Health and Wellbeing



Hey You! - Pulse, Rhythm and Pitch

(Performing, composing, appraising)