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Week 9

Hello Year 4,


On Wednesday 20th May, there will be another home learning pack for you to collect from school which will have another 3 weeks of work in it for you. On this class page, I will then be putting videos and links to help you with the worksheets in the pack, just like with the last pack.


Please do not worry if you are feeling a bit confused with any of the work given to you. It is quite tricky to make a pack for everyone that is not too hard but not too easy. My advice is to just do what you can and do your best. Anything that you need more help with or do not understand will be covered when you get back to school. 


Thinking of you all! Keep Safe!


Miss Murphy, Mrs Walsh & Ms Johnson xxx

Come and See


In your new packs, your RE work for this week is about a man named Paul who was once called Saul. You will be able to read the story in your packs but here is a video of what happened.



In your new packs, you have some worksheets to complete on 'Consolidating Coordinating Conjunctions', 'Paragraphs' and 'Adverbials'.

Below are some videos and video links to help you with these.

You already did some work on Adverbials back in Week 6. Have a look back at the video from that week learning page if you need to refresh your memory!



Check your working out for Wednesday's and Thursday's worksheets with these videos, or if you get stuck or find the worksheets difficult, work through your sheet with the videos below to help you.



For this week in History, you will be looking at Anglo-Saxon culture, including an old 'legend'. A legend is an old story that is widely believed but cannot be proved to be true. 

The legend you will be reading about in your packs is called Beowulf. Some of you may already have heard of this story! 

Watch the video below to find out about the legend of Beowulf and the way life and culture was in Anglo-Saxon times.