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Week 7

Hi Year 4,


I hope you are all well and managing to get through your work packs for each week! Remember, if you did not manage to come to school to collect your work pack, I have uploaded all of the sheets into our 'Week 6' Home Learning page - it's all there for you at the bottom!


On Friday it is VE Day! It is a bank holiday, and I have put together some work for you to celebrate 75 years since Victory in Europe!


We are also doing some lovely fundraising in May for St Joseph's Hospice. Look below at the calendar Miss Bramhill has made for you and read the explanations too! I hope you will join in, and share your completed challenges on the blog!


Stay safe,


Miss Murphy, Mrs Walsh & Ms Johnson xxx

VE Day


Have a go at watching the video and then try reading the comprehension and answering the questions to see what you have learned about VE Day!

Espresso Discovery also have lots of videos and articles to read so make sure you check out the website. Just type in 'VE Day' into the search bar to find lots of interesting material!

Rainbow Smile Challenge


It would be lovely to see you all having a go - not only will you be raising money for a great cause, but you will be bringing a smile to the faces of the people around you! 

Come and See


Your religion work for this week in your home learning packs is all about how the Holy Spirit gave John and Peter the courage to speak out about the Good News of Jesus.

The bible story you have been given to read describes how they went to the temple to pray and to talk to people about Jesus. They also helped the poor and the sick.

Watch this video of how they healed a man who could not walk.



This week's worksheets involved a bit of work on 'Expanded Noun Phrases' and 'Expanding Sentences Using Prepositions'.

Below are some videos to help you with this!


The first video is from the website 'Espresso Discovery' - you may need to have logged into the website first before clicking this link. Don't forget that there will be a fun quiz and activity on the website for you to complete once you have watched the video.


Also, don't forget to have a go at your Alice in Wonderland Art task for this week! I'd love to see some pictures on the blog of your creations!



You have some revision on multiplying this week!

Here is a video to refresh your memory:



This week's lesson is on 'Who were the Picts and Scots and where did they come from?'.

This web page on BBC Bitesize has a video to help you with your learning and understanding. Go have a look!



Mrs Hughes has very kindly sent over some of your music sheets for trumpets so that you can keep practising at home! If you do not have your trumpet, you can still practise with your fingers!