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Week 5

New Blog Page


We have now set up a blogging page on the school web page. This means you will be able to contact me securely. To find this blogging page you need to click on Children and then go to Home Learning. Your parents will have received a text with your username and password so that you can login and send me a message! I will be on the blog every day and will first read through your messages first and approve them before I publish them for our other classmates to see and I will make sure I have written back to you! You can also blog pictures, your work and you can also comment on messages from other people in our class! It should be a fun way to keep in touch and see what everybody is up to.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Keep safe Year 4.

Miss Murphy xx



SKIPPING CHALLENGE - we are having a skipping challenge this week on the blog! How many skips can you do in 30 seconds? I had a go and uploaded a video of myself on the Video Centre but I have also put it below - my fail and my success videos! I got 47 skips in 30 seconds. I wonder if you can beat me... 

Come and See


In school, we would now have moved onto a new topic in Religion called 'New Life'. It is all about Pentecost and serving God.


As usual, we would have started our lesson with 'The Big Question'. Maybe you could write this in the middle of a page at home like we do together in class and then write our thoughts and answers to the question around it:


What's so important about



Find a quiet space, close your eyes and think about a time in your life when you felt a bit miserable or bored and then something happened that brightened your day and made you feel alive. Think about what happened. Who was it that changed how you felt and why did it make a difference? How did your good feelings affect others?


Now listen to the story:

Then chose either Task A or Task B:


Task A - Write your own story about someone being sad and miserable and some good news that brought them happiness and made them feel alive.

Task B - Make a 'Good News' board. Go around and collect some good news from each person in your house. Ask them why it is good news and who else might it be good news for other then just themselves.



Your last piece of Maths work for Home Learning was on Perimeter - I hope this went ok!

To find the perimeter of a rectangle, all you have to do is add all of the sides of the shape together:


The lengths (top and bottom lines) of this rectangle are both 5cm because they are the same.

The widths (left and right side lines) of this rectangle are both 3cm because they are the same.

So, to find the perimeter we simply add together what each side measures:

5 cm + 3 cm + 5 cm + 3 cm = 16 cm


This week, you are going to learn how to find the area a rectangle. It's easy! 

Instead of adding all the sides together like we did before for the perimeter, all we need to do for the area is multiply the length by the width.

For example, we would find the area of the rectangle above by simply multiplying 5 x 3


Watch this video to see a few more examples:

Then have a go at this worksheet:



We would have been moving on to a new text in English this week. Our new book is Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Below are two videos reading the first chapter of the book - the first video has the words like a book with no pictures, the second video has only some pictures and the author of the book reading aloud. You might find it helpful to have both.

So get comfy and give the first chapter a read or a listen!

Now have a go at answering the following questions on the first chapter of our new book.

The questions get a little harder as you go on - try as many as you can.


1. What does Alice like her books to have in them?

2. What does the rabbit look like?

3. What does the rabbit take out of its waistcoat?

4. What does Alice land on?

5. What do you think Alice means when she says she will think nothing of tumbling down stairs after this?

6. Do you think it's a magic table? Why?

7. Why doesn't Alice drink the potion at first? Why does she change her mind?

8. Do you think it was a good idea to follow the rabbit? Why?

9. Predict what you think will happen after Alice is finished eating the cake.





It is time for us to move on from Science for now and to begin our new History topic. Our new topic is 'Anglo-Saxons, Picts and Scots' and you will learn who these people are over the next few lessons!


Below is a link to a PowerPoint which we would have done together in school. Have a read through of it yourself. Once you have gone through it, I have attached your worksheets and the object cards that the PowerPoint talks about.


Task 1: Divide a sheet of paper in two and write in the names of the objects for your two piles 'I know what these objects are' and 'I don't know what these objects are'. The objects can be found at the very bottom of the worksheets. You may need to do a bit of research on the objects that you don't know.

Task 2: There are three worksheets - 1A is the easiest, 1B is in the middle and 1C is the hardest. Chose the one that feels right for you and write out the answers to the questions.