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Week 2

Hi Year One! 

I hope you are all doing ok, we are now into Week Two of home learning. I know you are all doing amazing. 

I have set up a twitter account so you can see any new activities that I find, I will share on there. All you need to do is if you have a twitter account search @OLSSMissBraim and click follow. 

Below there are some videos for you to watch for English, Maths and a sunflower update. 




So, in your home learning packs I gave you lots of addition and subtraction work - keep going with that. If you working with numbers up to 10 try numbers up to 20. (You can do it!) 

If we were in school right now our Maths lessons would have moved on to Weight and Mass. 

Parents, if you access it will bring you to a resource I use when planning the children's maths lessons. What they are doing is creating lessons week by week (like what I am doing here) for you and the children to access. 


You can see at the top there is a pink box which says Home Learning. Click on that and should take you to a page that looks like this:

Click on Year 1. 

You then should arrive here: 

This breaks down week one and two into 5 lessons for each week. Each lesson has a video (no longer than 3 minutes), followed by an activity sheet for children to complete based on the video they have just watched. (The answer sheet is also there if you need it.) 


This is a brand new topic to don't stress if the children aren't 100% it is just to give them some basic knowledge of weight and mass for when we return to school. 


Come and See (RE) 

How would you welcome Jesus as he arrives in Jerusalem? 

If you can write down what you would say to welcome Jesus.