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           English Vision


At Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School, Spoken Language is at the forefront of the curriculum. We strive to inspire each child to have a voice from Early Years to Year 6. Through performances, presentations and debate, our children are encouraged to believe in their opinions and value the opinions of others. Through discussion on current affairs and ‘philosophy for children,’ we endeavour to develop confident and articulate speaking children of the future.


Early reading skills are vital for all children. We allow time for children to practise decoding and develop their fluency. At Our Lady Star of the Sea, we strive for every child to be reading by six. Through a rich and varied selection of literature and real-life experiences; our children are enthralled in books. We strive for reading for pleasure to be a ‘norm’ and a part of their every-day life.


Children who love to talk and love to read can therefore put their experiences and opinions to paper. Talk for Writing is embedded and thus enables our children to express themselves through writing. Once children are confident with the early skills of writing, they are encouraged to develop the grammar and structure of writing. We teach our children that writing is an art. We strive to enhance our children’s writing through real life experiences, thus allowing our children to develop their imagination and own creative flair.