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Week Two

Hello Year 2,

I hope you're all staying safe at home and that you enjoyed last week's home learning activities. As promised I have included some further bits to keep you busy this week! 

RE Come and See



Read the Eucharistic Prayer above and identify the phrases of thanksgiving which are said during Mass. Think about what you are thankful for in your lives. Then write some of the things you would like to say ‘thank you’ to God, our Father for.

You could start your sentences with ‘I thank you for…………’ and ‘I praise you for………………’.



Re-watch the video of The Dragon Machine from Week One. Now I would like you to write a book review. I have attached a template below which shows how you should do this. Don't forget to include what happens in the book, who the main characters are and if you enjoyed it and why.




I hope you have been busy practising your timetables this week. It's important to keep on doing this but I've also attached a worksheet on division by sharing for you to do at home. Just copy it onto paper and have a go. There is a video below to help you remember how to do this.

[DEMO with Watermark] Year 2 Lesson- Division by Sharing.mp4

Still image for this video
Imagine that you are a Knight. Write a short paragraph about your role inside and outside of the Castle. You could include your duties as a Knight, what you wear and if you enjoy your job and why. Don't forget to use capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and correct punctuation.



As we enjoyed reading The Dragon Machine in class I thought you might like to draw your own dragon at home. You can design it however you like and make it as colourful and creative as you wish. I have included a video which you might find useful showing you how to draw a dragon.

[DEMO with Watermark] How to Draw a Dragon Easy Step by Step for Kids.mp4

Still image for this video
I hope you enjoy this week's activities and keep smiling Year 2!