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Summer Term Week 5

Good morning Year 6 :)


I hope you are all doing well - it was so lovely to speak to some of you and your parents last week! If I didn't get a chance to speak to you then, hopefully, I'll be able to catch you this week :) 

I hope you are still managing to use TT Rock Stars, Spelling shed, SATs Companion and Read Theory at home as all of these sites will really help you to sharpen your reading and times tables skills. I can see some of you are using the blog but it would be great to see many more of you on here. If you're not sure how to access this then please message me through SATs Companion and I can help you do this. 

More work packs will be ready this week for you to collect from school and the work I will post today will need some of the print outs from the packs - so only start this when you have your pack.


English and Maths

You will see that I have assigned some tasks through SATs Companion - well done to those of you who have been completing these - I can see how well you are doing! 

There are some revision sheets in your packs too based on the maths work we have done so far in school - place value, calculations and fractions, decimals and percentages. Here is a short video link to guide you through the percentages work as this is an area that we didn't get the chance to go into depth with.




So we would have started a Science topic based on Classifying Organisms this half term. In your work packs you have a list of different groups of animals. Research these and decide what features each group would have. Use the animal cards sheet to decide which animal you would put into each group. Use the classification key to help you. You can do this on the sheet or even better you could write this out into the exercise book you were given. It would be lovely to see some labelled sketches of different types of animals too.

Here is a video to help you...


And here are the slides to go with your sheet:



The next part of our illusions work looks at how artists can make their work look 3D - there are some fantastic examples on the slides below. Use the sheets in your work pack to create some of this shading - use the space on the paper or use your own paper with more space. I would love to see your sketches on our blog,

Mindfulness and Mental Health Awareness week


This week it is Mental Health awareness week and especially now it is so important to take care of our mental health. Please watch this video which helps explain what mental health is and gives some useful tips to help us take care of ourselves:


It is so important to talk through our feelings to a trusted adult or friend. Please also remember that you can send me a message through SATs companion any time you want!


Please take care everyone and I will hopefully see you all soon! 


Mrs Edey x