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Week 6

Hi Year 4,


Hopefully most of you were able to make it to school to collect your new work packs. If not, I will also upload them at the bottom of this page for you to have a look at and work from.

As I explained in the pack, I will be adding videos and things to help you to this web page which is based on the work you have been given in your new packs. 

I hope you are all continuing to keep safe and well. Don't forget about our blog - it would be SO lovely to hear from you all. We miss you!


Look after yourselves,


Miss Murphy, Mrs Walsh & Ms Johnson xxx


Rainbow Poetry Competition


If you have been on the blog, you will have seen that Mrs Roberts is organising a poetry competition! She would like you to have a go at writing a poem about a rainbow. You can link your ideas to the NHS rainbow to say thank you to the amazing people working very hard, or you can just write about what a rainbow looks like or how it makes you feel.


Have a go! laugh

Come and See


Watch this video on Pentecost. It will help with this week's religion task!




One of your worksheets for this week was on adverbials.

Remember, adverbials tell us when, where or how something happened. Fronted adverbials are adverbials put at the beginning of a sentence and are followed by a comma.

Another worksheet you had for this week was on inverted commas. 

I have uploaded two videos below to help you to remember our rules. These videos have been taken from the Espresso Discovery website. Remember that you were all given your login for this website in your last packs.

Log on and complete the fun quiz and activity after you have watched these videos like we sometimes do in class!



Your Maths work for this week involves some further learning on perimeter, which we looked at last week, and some revision on rounding, place value and (of course) keeping your times tables up to scratch!

Here are some videos below to help you.



This week's lesson is on 'Who were the Anglo-saxons and where did they come from?'.

This web page on BBC Bitesize is fun and interesting and it will help you with your learning and understanding. It has some information to read, a video and a game. Go have a look!

Home Learning Work Pack


This is your new work pack and it has enough work in it for the next three weeks. So far, including Easter break, we have not been in school for 5 weeks, so you will see that this pack has work for weeks 6, 7 and 8 in it.


English – 1 piece of work each day

Maths – 1 piece of work each day

Religion – 1 piece of work each week

History – 1 piece of work each week

Art – 1 piece of work each week

Handwriting sheets – try to do a little bit of practise now and again

Reading book – I’ve been enjoying reading my book in the sun. Maybe you could too!


Have a go and try to do what you can. I also hope you are helping out at home, spending some time in the sunshine, playing games with your family and maybe even trying to learn something new!


Stay safe and give yourselves a big hug! We hope to see all of your lovely faces again soon!


Miss Murphy, Mrs Walsh and Ms Johnson xxx