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Week 1

Good Morning Year 6! 

I'm so thankful that some of you are messaging me through SATs Companion - it's great to keep in touch and hear about what you're doing to keep yourselves busy! Please keep in touch through SATs Companion as I am on there every day.

Hopefully, as long as everyone stays indoors and away from other family members and friends, we will be able to get back to normal soon. 

As well as the activities I have put onto SATs Companion site, I thought I'd put a few other things on here that you can do linked to other parts of the curriculum especially some of the bits we might miss out on due to being off.




I have set you all some Spelling, punctuation, grammar and reading work through SATs Companion - please do log on and complete this within the 2 weeks I have assigned - message me if you have any problems and I will talk you through.

In addition to this, I would love to hear how you are filling your days and how you are keeping busy - please write me a diary entry or letter and send it to me via the messages.

When you read a book, send me a short book review. If you are short on books, amazon kindle are offering their services for free - there are thousands of books on there!




Thank you to those who have been completing the short tasks on SATs Companion that I have set. It's great to see how you're doing. There are so many revision videos on there for you to watch either to remember something we have already learned or learn something new!

Keep practicing your times tables!

Thomas and I have discovered a fantastic maths site called 'The Maths Factor' - this is completely free until May. See if you can get your parents to sign you up - it has an excellent daily sessions on there!



Having just finished our Water World topic, we were about to learn all about the Aztecs - which I was really looking forward to! Please start researching this group of warriors and send me some facts that you have learned - this can be bullet points or a short report. You could include answering the following questions: Who were the Aztecs? Where did they live? 

We will start to look at the Aztecs in more detail as the weeks go on.



Research the Aztec calendar and create some sketches based on some of the symbols that can be found.


It's so important to keep active! Try to complete the Joe Wicks daily workout each day - you'll find this on YouTube every morning live at 9am. Thomas, Lily and me started it this morning - it was great fun! Lily was hilarious trying to do all the actions :)



Make sure you have time to relax each day. Find a quiet place and think of some of the calming techniques we use in school through our JIGSAW lessons and YOGA. As important as it is to keep busy, it is so important to have restful, quiet time each day too.


Keep in touch year 6 and fingers crossed we'll be back at school before the year is out!

Lots of love

Mrs Edey, Mrs Pollard and Miss May x