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Special Education Needs and Disability

Coronavirus - Explained for Children

Willis Events & Marketing created this video in collaboration with Psychological Services at the Belfast Trust. As professionals and parents of young children, our aim is to provide a tool to help parents explain the current events surrounding Coronavirus to their children.

NW SEND Regional Network Newsletter

At Our Lady, Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School the SENCO is responsible for co-ordinating the provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Mrs C. Roberts is our SENCO.

If you have any questions or queries about Special Educational Needs or Disabilities at any point during your child's time at our school, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Roberts, by making an appointment at the school office.




Neurodiversity Week 13-17th May


This year we have celebrated the first ever Neurodiversity Week in collaboration with the ADHD Foundation. Our theme for this week was based on Psalm 139, 'I am wonderfully made.'

Each class celebrated what makes them wonderful and produced some fantastic art work. We held a Celebration Assembly at the end of the week with our parents. Year 4 children presented and shared  their findings as to what ADHD, ASC, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia are. Year 5 read out poems about what makes them wonderful. Reception and Nursery children told us all about their super powers and Year 3 discussed the different parts of their brain that are responsible for all their talents.


We were entertained by our wonderful choir who sang, 'I'm only Human,' 'True Colours,' and 'One Moment.' Finally , Year 1 performed the dance, 'I'm singing in the rain.'


As part of Neurodiversity week, we have created our own school installation based on the ADHD Umbrella Project. Each child and member of staff wrote their gifts and talents on the umbrella to display.


At Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School we are passionate about embracing our differences and being proud of them for we are all 'Wonderfully Made.'

The Umbrella Project: June 2018


Our Lady, Star of the Sea are delighted to have been asked to participate in this years fantastic Umbrella Project/ Art Installation in Liverpool City Centre.


The goal behind this initiative is to raise awareness and understanding, encouraging discussion around Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism (ASC).

Devised and curated by the ADHD Foundation, the Umbrella Project transforms Church Alley (near Primark leading up to the Bluecoat) into a beautiful canopy of colour until the end of August. The individual umbrellas have also been personally signed by all of our pupils and others from schools across Merseyside, many of whom have ADHD, autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions.


The Umbrella Project focuses on the positive aspects and celebrates diversity.

The pupils had to complete and write the phrase: 'My super power is...' 

There was a wide variety of answers across the school from Reception to Year 6: art, football, dancing, being a good friend, multitasking, singing, dancing, making others laugh...


Why not go down and take a look? 

Please share your selfies and umbrella photographs on Social Media. tagging @ADHDFoundation @OurLadyStarSea and with the hashtags: #umbrellas #ADHD #ASC #superpowers

You too can help raise awareness and challenge the stigma.






It’s been a fantastic year at Our Lady, Star of the Sea and the hard work and dedication of our staff to support pupils and families to the best of our ability has been recognised.

There is no better way to celebrate the fantastic initiatives and achievements of everybody than to be recognised by the Archdiocese at this year’s awards.

Mrs Lawler was nominated for the Archdiocese Award for Inclusion.

This award is for an individual, department or school that demonstrates the very best education for all children irrespective of differences.


Mrs Lawler has ensured that relationships with our parents are strong, open supportive and trusting. This in turn, has led to good outcomes for our pupils. Mrs Lawler is highly regarded by other professionals and our parents, staff and pupils. Her leadership, compassion, enthusiasm and dedication has enabled the school to be as fully inclusive as possible and led us to being the First Mainstream School in the country to achieve the ADHD Friendly Schools Quality Mark. 


Congratulations to Mrs Lawler and ALL of our staff!  






Our Lady, Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School has become the first mainstream setting in the country to achieve the ADHD Friendly Schools Quality Mark.

Our staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of children with neurodevelopmental differences and we have spent the last two years completing additional professional development and working closely with the ADHD Foundation.


Based on feedback from families, we are also licensed to run a parent’s skills group so that a number of strategies and best practice methods to positively support learners can be replicated at home.

Cllr John Joseph Kelly, Cabinet Member for Children's, Schools & Safeguarding said:

“This is a fantastic achievement for the school to be recognised as the first mainstream school in the UK to receive this award. All pupils deserve the chance to achieve their potential regardless of the barriers they have to learning and I hope it inspires other schools to go the extra mile to make every pupil’s experience of school the best it can be."

Head Teacher of Our Lady Star of the Sea, Mrs. Jenkins, said:

“We are extremely proud to receive this award on behalf of all the staff at the school who have been recognised for their hard work with children who face additional challenges in the school environment. We've worked hard to make the school fully inclusive, but it has only been possible thanks to the joint efforts of our staff and parents all supported by the ADHD Foundation. A special mention should also go to our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, Mrs. Lawler for being a huge driving force in making changes to our everyday practices."