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Summer Term Week 3

Hello Year 6!


I can not believe we are into week 3 of the summer term. I don't know about you but the weeks are flying by! I hope you are all keeping well and not getting too bored? It can be so hard to find motivation sometimes but do try to keep active and drink lots of water - this really does help. I managed to go for a little run last week and tried some of the skipping activities - It really helped my body and mind to wake up. 

I have started Spanish lessons this week through on line learning so I am excited to learn a new skill. It's so important to keep our brains active by doing different things. 

I hope you are getting on well with the home learning packs - if you still need to collect it please contact the office on a Tuesday. 












VE Day


This Friday will mark the 70th anniversary of VE Day, the end of the Second World War in Europe.

At 3pm on 8th May 1945, The Prime Minister Winston Churchill made a radio speech to tell Britain that the war was over. This resulted in a nation rejoicing with men, women and children throwing parties, lighting fires and ringing bells. The skies were also full of planes marking victory high above us.

Here is an informative PowerPoint to tell you a bit about it. I've included some lovely activities on Morse Code and a discussion sheet.



Please check SATs Companion for some additional activities in English and SPAG. If you managed to get the book, 'Oranges in No Man's Land'  from the office with the comprehension then here is the next part of the slides with some additional activities and questions for you to complete.



Again, please check SATs Companion for additional activities to do online as well as the Arithmetic and home learning you have. Here is an additional challenge to have a go at!





I have asked you to start locating the South American countries on a map and to carry out a bit of research with regards to your chosen country in South America. I would love to see some of your colourful flags and research! Please do share them on our school blog. If you haven't managed to do it yet then please do have a go as this will give you a head start for if we get back later on this school year.


Please take a look at the next set of slides. Using these slides can you make notes and tell me about the different climates in each of the South American regions?



I saw some fabulous art work shared by some some of you based on the vanishing point. This next lesson focuses on how to draw depth in a room. Again, I would love to see you sharing your work on the school blog.