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Summer term Week 4

Good Morning Year 6

You may have mixed feelings this week as you would have been starting your SATs tests! Some of you may be happy they're not going ahead this year and some of you may have been looking forward to them. However, it is not worth stressing about things that are beyond our control. 

Make sure you take some time out for yourself - create a relaxing space, read a book, draw, paint, play games with your family, watch a film...


Here are some activities to help keep you busy this week:


For English and Maths please see SATs companion for this weeks activities. 



As part of our illusions work - this week you will be focusing on foreshortening. Look at the picture on the slides and explain why is one of his hands so much bigger than the other? 

Artists use this when they want to create the illusion that the person or object is coming straight towards you out of the picture.   What else could you use this technique for? 

Look through the slides and then try to recreate some of the techniques on paper, drawing the boxes or triangles to help you. 



This week you will be researching the mountain ranges in South America. Look through the slides and make notes on what you read. 

Do you know what the tallest mountain in Britain is? How do you think this would compare to Mount Aconcagua?

Once you have read through the slides and made notes, can you have a go at creating an information sheet using pictures and information. You could also make your own mountain range using paper mache. There are many ideas on youtube to do this. All you need is a steady base (such as cardboard), lots of newspaper to scrunch up, glue and paint.





Find a quiet place and listen to this video to help you with meditation. Have a pen and paper with you and follow the instructions :)