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Week 13

Hi Year 4,


We hope you are all well and keeping safe. We saw a beautiful video of you all during the week that some of you had taken part in - it cheered us right up! Thank you all so much! The video has been shared on the blog so if you haven't seen it yourself, go and have a look!


You will be getting a new work pack soon and, as usual, your parents will receive a text from the school about when to collect it. You should also be finished your other pack by now if you have been keeping up with our week-to-week learning! 


So this week on the web page I will just put up your learning for this week as you do not have your new pack yet.


We miss you all!


Miss Murphy, Mrs Walsh & Ms Johnson xxx

Come and See


Write a prayer to God. What are you thankful for this week?




So far, we have read up to chapter 3 of Alice in Wonderland!

This week, I would like you to read chapter 4 along with the video below. Then see if you can answer the questions. Maybe try to answer 5 questions each day this week - it will break it up for you!





1. Define ‘good-naturedly’.

2. Define ‘feeble’. Why is the voice feeble?

3. What is ‘coaxing’?

4. What is a hookah?


5. Why does the rabbit call her Mary Ann?

6. Alice ‘almost wishes’ she hadn’t gone down the rabbit hole. What does this tell us?

7. Why does Alice eat the cakes?

8. Why does Alice run away?

9. Why is Alice scared of the puppy?


10. Predict how the caterpillar will react to Alice.


11. Why do you think Alice drank the bottle?

12. Draw the caterpillar from the description.


13. What will happen if the rabbit doesn’t find his belongings?

14. Where was the bottle Alice saw?

15. What happened when Alice drank the potion?

16. Why can’t the rabbit get into his house?

17. Who is Bill?

18. What is on top of the mushroom?


19. Summarise Alice’s time in the White Rabbit’s house in fewer than thirty words.



Do one worksheet a day!