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Our Lady, Star of the Sea

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Equality & Diversity

School of Sanctuary


At Our Lady, Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School, we are a 'School of Sanctuary.'

Shining in the light of Jesus, we strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where all pupils and their families grow, learn and love.


We began our journey in January 2018. As a staff, we developed our knowledge and understanding of teaching children with English as an additional Language and how to support children who are new to our school and new to the country.


We assigned and trained pupils to be our 'School of Sanctuary' Buddies who welcome new children to our school.

We provide termly coffee mornings for our families with English as an additional language, so that we can support our community.


We plan opportunities in our curriculum to develop our pupils understanding of equality and diversity.


We were awarded our 'School of Sanctuary,' status in September 2018 at the Liverpool EMTAS Awards.


Sign Language Assembly


Liverpool's Deaf Youth have taught Year 1 and 2 to use sign language. Both classes took part in a weekly session over 10 weeks. They performed in a special assembly to showcase what they had learned. They were fantastic!


Black History Week 15-19th October


During October we celebrated 'Black History Month.' Each class studied a significant person in History. Year 5 & 6 visited the Maritime Museum where they learned about the exploitation and suppression of people due to the injustice of slavery.


Through drama, Year 3 and 4, expressed themselves through the study of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King.



Year 3 & 4's Black History Drama Workshop

Refugee Week June 17-24th June

Different Pasts, Shared Future


We celebrated Refugee Week's 20th Birthday.

We came together as a whole school in a special assembly and listened to a story called, 'Eric,' by Shaun Tan. We discussed what it must be like to start somewhere new and unfamiliar just like Eric.


Each class read a text about what it would be like to be a refugee. We all took part in an art competition too where we had to create a picture based on the theme, 'Different Pasts, Shared Future.'. We displayed our art work to our parents.


In addition to this, we supported CAFOD's campaign, 'Share the Journey.' We walked together in unison, we stopped and listened to Refugee stories and we prayed for them. In total we walked, 182.6 miles and we raised £173.06.

Share the Journey Certificate

Share the Journey Walk

Different Pasts, Shared Future Art Gallery

School of Sanctuary Introduction Assembly

Displays Around School