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Science Week


During Science Week Year 1 have been learning how to make predictions and record their findings after doing an experiment. In our Ice escape investigation the children were asked how we could melt ice, we then thought of different ways we keep warm ourselves and used these ways to carry out a fair test to see which was the quickest way of melting the ice. The radiator was the quickest and the blanket surprised the children by being the slowest. We will be finding out more about this in another investigation very soon...


Ice Escape Investigation

We found out about Charles Darwin during Science Week and discovered that when Charles Darwin wasn’t voyaging around the world on the Beagle, you may well have found him in his garden looking for worms. Darwin became obsessed with earthworms. He decided to count how many were in his garden and, having decided there were thousands of worms per acre, he then moved most of them into his study and began to investigate. He blew smoke at them, watched how they moved, ate and reproduced; he even got his son to play the bassoon to see how they responded to noise.


We decided to see if earthworms were more sensitive to vibrations or mustard water. We made a prediction from what we had learned about earthworms then carried out an investigation and collected the data. We found more worms with the mustard water.