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Week 1

Hello Year 4,


I hope you are all keeping safe with your families! We miss seeing all of your faces at school each day and I know it all seems very strange, but right now it is important that we all follow the government's guidelines. 


You have your home learning packs from school which we hope you are all managing to work your way through as best you can. Each week I will also update our class web page on here with some new activities to keep you busy and up to date with some of the learning we would have been doing together in school. 


We are thinking of you all. Stay safe!


Miss Murphy, Mrs Walsh & Ms Johnson xxx


Jesus Washes His Disciples' Feet

Our new religion topic which we had just started was Self Discipline. You all completed our 'Big Question' with your thoughts on what this means and how you can show this in your daily lives as followers of Jesus.


The video above shows Jesus washing his disciples' feet. Please watch this and then see if you can answer the questions.


  • Why do you think this action of Jesus serving others was so special?
  • What does it tell you about Jesus?
  • Why is this action of Jesus an example for Christians?
  • What do you think of Peter’s reaction?


You could draw your own comic strip to show what happened when Jesus washed his disciples' feet and what they said to one another. There are also some free apps for making your own comic strip available, so if you have an iPad you could do that instead if you like!


The Wonder by Faye Hanson

I have added a video link to our book 'The Wonder'. You may remember that we had been planning our own story to write based on the story-line of the book.

Over the next week I would like you to have a go at this! You can plan your own story drawing a story map first like we did in school or you can pick out the main stages of the story and change the details which we had also practised doing on our planning sheets!


Here are some questions to get you started with your planning:

  • Who is your character? What is their head filled with? Wonder, questions, marvels, amazement, awe?
  • Where are they on their way to and what do they wonder about on their journey? What do they see and who do they speak to?
  • When they get to the place they are going, what do they have trouble wondering about?
  • When their imagination takes off, where do their wonders take them?


Once you have your plan and ideas, you can start writing! Don't forget to follow the original story line and add your punctuation, capital letters and paragraphs! You could also draw some pictures to show the places your character goes to when their wonders take off. I can't wait to hear your stories when we get back!



It's important to keep going over things we have learned earlier in the year! I have put up our Rounding Rap song! See if you can remember the words, then have a go at the rounding worksheets. They start off easier and get a little harder! Just do what you can manage. You will need to work out the rounding part first before you can match them.



In our exciting Electricity topic, our next lesson was on Conductors and Insulators. 

Conductors allow electrical currents to pass through but insulators do not allow electrical currents to pass through.


You all have your Espresso Discovery logins in your Home Learning Packs that you took home but you can also access this through the link on the homepage of the school website.

Go to KS2 Science - Electricity (Lower) and there are lots of videos, games and activities for you to complete on the website.

I have also found a game which lets you test different materials like we would have in school to see if they are conductors or insulators. Have fun with all this!



Make sure you are keeping active with your family at this time - it is so important for our bodies but for our minds! Try to complete the Joe Wicks daily workout each day - it's on his YouTube channel live every morning from 9-9:30am and its a fun and easy way to get moving at home!



That's all for now and don't forget to also work through your Home Learning packs. I will have more work up next week for you so keep an eye out! 


Look after yourselves,


Miss Murphy, Mrs Walsh and Ms Johnson xx