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Watch this message from SPIDERMAN and the WEB

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Watch this, an important message is being shared. What important things is SPIDERMAN telling you about the WEB (internet)?
How many important safety tips can you remember? Can you think of anymore? Think back to our email lessons?

NEXT... watch how to draw SPIDERMAN and then I would like you to make a Web(internet) safety poster.

Religious Education

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Watch this video about Jesus.
Draw a picture and answer these questions......
What is Jesus doing? Why is he doing it? What is the message Jesus was trying to tell the disciples?

MATHS - Grid Method Multiplication

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Spiderman teaches you how to do the grid method for multiplication. I hope you understand this new method. There is a sheet for you to do. Remember the groupings from class.
A - everyone should be able to do
B - could be hard for some
C - Challenge

You choose which one you want to do. And if you want loads of practice, why not do all three???


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Watch this video about a Roman Soldier and then see if you can answer the questions about the Roman Army.

Roman Soldier Comprehension