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Important Information


Clothing and Footwear

As the children access an active curriculum, both indoors and outdoors, it is essential that they have the right clothing. All children need to provide a pair of wellington boots to keep in school. In cold weather they need a warm coat with a scarf and gloves; in Summer they need a sun hat and sun cream applied before they come to school. Reception children also need a PE kit.

To promote their independence in changing footwear, all children need shoes with velcro straps.


Names on Uniform

In order to avoid any confusion (particularly during PE lessons!), please make sure that every piece of your child's uniform, book bag and PE kit has their name or initials in them.

Reception have PE every Monday.




11:45 - 12:45



We have a self-serve snack area that the children access whilst they play. It includes a range of healthy foods served alongside fruit and milk. We ask for a voluntary contribution of £1 per week for this. We also provide special food when we are learning about different celebrations, stories and topics.



Reception have PE on Mondays and Yoga on Wednesdays. Please make sure your child has their PE kit in every day. Children will take their kits home at the end of every half term to be washed.



Reception children have access to a water bottle and fresh water throughout the day and are encouraged to drink frequently to keep hydrated. 


Open door policy

Communication between teachers and parents is important, please if you have anything you wish to talk  then please wait to see Mrs Hanley or Mrs Ambage at the end of the session or make an appointment at the school office.


Keeping you informed

The Foundation team will display any current information in the classroom windows for your reference



Nursery children are given a given a selection of nursery rhymes to learn along with other play-based activities to try at home. Reception children will be given a selection of phonics and maths activities to complete at home. These will be sent home each Friday.


Book Change

Nursery children choose a story book to share at home each Monday.

Reception children begin the year with story books then progress to dittys and reading books as they become more confident with the letter sounds. It is important to encourage children to read for fluency and learn tricky words (that cannot be sounded out). Practising the same book throughout the week for 5 minutes ensures that your child develops confidence as a reader and has a good understanding of the book. Books will be changed on Wednesdays.